Wednesday, January 21, 2015

GangaPreneur: Delivers Weed to your door. For a price ofcourse

Marvina, a new subscription service, is catching fire—literally. The online company is a premium cannabis provider that offers a monthly marijuana delivery service to consumers in San Francisco who have a California medical marijuana identification card.
This high-end marijuana-of-the-month subscription is the brainchild of Dane Pieri, a San Francisco-based entrepreneur. Pieri told The Telegraph, "We are trying to normalize people's experience of cannabis. We'd like it to be just like any other consumer product."
Marvina is not a dispensary. Instead, the company partners with local California cannabis growers who package and deliver the product in sleek black boxes.
Delivery drivers will even send text messages to recipients before arrival. The company only accepts cash upon delivery, but is exploring other payment options for the future.

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