Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Had Enough? New Jersey police caught on video shooting man with arms raised

It is safe to say, NOW is the most dangerous time ever to be pulled over by a police officer, because of  injustices like the killing of Mike Brown, Eric Garner, Kajeime Powell, et al.  It would seem police truly have a license to kill with impunity. Every 28 hours black & brown are being murdered by those with badges, sworn to a duty to protect and serve.

 I have stopped watching these killings that are caught on tape, it is too disturbing and causes depression, and I do not need to see a visual to know that genocide is taken place. Hit the jump to see it for yourself.


The video of the Dec. 30 killing of Jerame Reid in Bridgeton, a struggling, mostly minority city of 25,000 people just south of Philadelphia, was released this week, raising questions and stirring anger over another death at the hands of police.
The nearly two-minute deadly standoff came after the killings of black men in New York and Ferguson, Missouri, triggered months of turbulent protests, violence and calls for a re-examination of police use of force.

Reid and the man driving the car were black. The Bridgeton officer who spotted the gun, Braheme Days, is black; his partner, Roger Worley, is white. Both officers have been placed on leave while prosecutors investigate.
"The video speaks for itself that at no point was Jerame Reid a threat and he possessed no weapon on his person," Walter Hudson, chairman and founder of the civil rights group the National Awareness Alliance, said Wednesday. "He complied with the officer and the officer shot him."  READ FULL

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