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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Online Radio show shares stories of Triumph and Inspiration

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How We Do It Radio Launches 3rd Season
Online station shares stories of triumph and inspiration

February 4, 2015 ({Peekskill, New York) - How We Do It Radio announces the launch of a 3rd Season of sharing stories of triumph and inspiration.  Just in time for Black History Month!

A platform for people from all walks of life, How We Do It Radio is an online space that strives for unity, empowerment and understanding, and where people can share, learn and be inspired. The station started out of a need to present examples of determination and fighting for one's passion and dreams.

“It has been a learning experience like none other. I had no experience in broadcast media, just a desire to create a space for creatives like myself,  for those who felt voiceless in their communities about injustices.   It has been a challenge, however, if my show has inspired just one person to go after their dreams or rise up and think of solutions to the many social ills that plague the black community, humanity,  than it shall be all worth it,” says founder Melissa G. Massaline.

How We Do It Radio came to life on April 11, 2012 originally as a creative space where  Massaline could use her voice to speak on important issues of concern in the African American community.   She owes much of her success to her mentor the late Keith Oliver Ervin a.k.a Swerv who provided invaluable advice, constructive criticism and made sacrifices to assist in her endeavors.   Ervin's life was taken in 2014,  he still continues to be one of her biggest motivating factors.

The station is also a platform for rising and established musicians and artists to promote and share their projects.

Additionally, How We Do It Radio prides itself on supporting charities that stamp out Violence Against Women, such as Eve Ensler's V-DAY, a movement to end violence against Women and Girls of all nationalities and cultures.

About How We Do It Radio

Melissa G. Massaline founded How We Do It Radio after spending more than 20 years in a corporate environment.  Massaline is an advocate for women against domestic violence and is currently a Housing Specialist to the homeless community.   A life-long music lover and once aspiring singer,  Massaline has lent her passionate expertise in music as a team member to  Grammy nominated singers, and many notable up and coming artists. Her most profound and empowering experience came from marching in and staging a "Die In" in just one of the many  Anti Police Violence Marches that took place in December 2014.

Melissa G. Massaline whom goes by the moniker, "Mz MindFull" Jordan, to represent the strength of her mother, invites those who are creatives and love to inspire others to Tune In on February 7th, at 3 pm Eastern Standard Time, where her guest to kick-off the 3rd Season will be the very forward thinking and outspoken, Ferguson, Missouri artist: "Bryan Stewart".  The singer and hip hop artist will speak upon his new project, "EightshadesofgrAy: The Preface" 

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