Friday, February 27, 2015

HEALTHWATCH: Cannibas Oil gives 20 year old M.O. girl relief from Epilepsy

A young woman battling epilepsy has new hope, now that cannabis oil can be sold in Missouri legally.
The state selected two St. Louis area non-profits to produce it in St. Peters and Chesterfield.
The state law allows patients with epilepsy to use the oil as a treatment for seizures.
"She watched all of her friends move forward in their lives getting jobs and moving forward and she feels stuck," said Lisa Magness, mother of Bella, who suffers from epilepsy.
She is 20 years old and is confined to bed most days. Dizzy, in pain and nausea, thanks to her epilepsy medicine.
She's was misdiagnosed all her life until two years ago and her seizures started when she was in kindergarten.
Recently Lisa called a cannabis company in Colorado and they told her to place an order online.
"Then you show up with cash in hand and pay $250 and you take the vial and so when you cross the border just be careful because there will be drug sniffing dogs," she said. "One side of me wants to just bolt to get what my daughter needs, on the other side I know that she needs me and I can't end up in jail."
So instead they will wait to try it legally in the comfort of their own home.
"It's this year, you know, this is good, this is what we've been waiting for," she said.
They have started the application process, but can't find a neurologist to sign off on it, because medical marijuana is still considered to be taboo and a controlled substance.source:KDSK

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