Tuesday, March 3, 2015

U.S. DOJ nails it to Ferguson Police Department -Police Bias & Excessive Force

So now that it has been established by the Department of Justice that racism and violent police officers exist on the Ferguson Police Department, can some of the cases of murder in this city thoroughly be investigated and combed over, for these abuses? I.E, Vonderitt Myers?

Ferguson officials now face the choice of either negotiating a settlement with the Justice Department or potentially being sued by it on charges of violating the Constitution.

Police officers in Ferguson, Mo., have routinely violated the constitutional rights of the city’s black residents, the Justice Department has concluded in a scathing report that accuses the officers of using excessive force and making unjustified traffic stops for years.
The Justice Department, which opened its investigation after a white Ferguson police officer shot and killed a black teenager last summer, says the discrimination was fueled in part by racial stereotypes held by city officials. Investigators say the officials made racist jokes about blacks on their city email accounts. Read In Entirety

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