Saturday, May 9, 2015

Prince releases tribute song "BALTIMORE" ahead of Mother's Day Concert

Love the song! I will tune in for the concert in Bmore he will have for all the Mothers, which will stream on Jay Z's new music streaming service, "Tidal". 

I do have a membership, so I hope they have the decency to not charge.


Prince released his anticipated tribute song "Baltimore" on Saturday, calling for justice and peace in the wake of protests over Freddie Gray's death.

The unrest in Baltimore moved Prince to record a song critical of the killing of young African-American men, a publicist for the artist said last week. The song mentions Michael Brown and Gray, who both died in police-related altercations.

"Does anyone hear us pray?
For Michael Brown or Freddie Gray
Peace is more than the absence of war."
An upbeat ditty considering the subject matter, the song says "let's take all the guns away."
"If there ain't no justice then there ain't no peace."

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