Saturday, April 2, 2016

Check out this awesome Write Up by Ebony Columnist Jamilah Lemieux "Worst Week in the Donald Trump Campaign

source: Ebony

Donald Trump is, quite possibly, the worst type of human being on the face of the earth. He is a walking parody of a parody of a wealthy, obnoxious bigot--an SNL skit about himself. He’s as likeable as week-old grits and it seems that there is not a group of people that he can’t offend: Muslims, women, thedifferently-abledpeople of color. And because other Americans loudly and proudly share that disdain for said groups of people, he has a shot at becoming the next president of the United States.  I mean who needs policy expertise, or any sort of political background, when you have hatred and “I know you are, but what am I”-styled retorts?
As many others have said but which was made painfully clear this week after a series of stomach-churning statements, including

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