Friday, April 29, 2016

Sandra Bland's mom sends out "Call to Action"

Sandra Bland’s mother gave an emotional speech on Thursday and told activists to “wake up, get up, step up, or shut up.”

Bland was arrested after a traffic stop in Texas last year and found dead in her jail cell three days later. Officials ruled her death a suicide, but her family has said they don’t believe Bland would have killed herself.

While Bland’s case drew national attention, her mother, Geneva Reed-Veal, pointed out that many could not name the other women who died in jail last July, the month Bland was arrested.
What I’m going to say to you is that I’m here representing the mothers who are not heard, I am here representing the mothers who have lost children as we go on about our daily lives,” she said during a speech at the Library of Congress at a symposium convened by the Congressional Caucus on Black Women and Girls. The recently-formed caucus seeks to “eliminate significant barriers and disparities experienced by black women.” 

“When the cameras and lights are gone, our babies are dead. So I’m going to ask you here today to wake up. Wake up. By a show of hands, can any of you tell me the other six women who died in jail in July 2015 along with Sandra Bland? That is a problem. You all are among the walking dead, and I am so glad that I have come out from among you.” Read in FULL at Huffington Post

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