Thursday, January 17, 2019

Laquan McDonald - U.S. Criminal InJustice System fails again - 3 Chicago Cops acquitted of Conspiring to Cover-Up Death

Via: Wikipedia:
The murder of Laquan McDonald took place on October 20, 2014, in ChicagoIllinois, when the 17-year-old African American was fatally shot by Chicago Police Officer Jason Van Dyke.[McDonald was reported to have been behaving erratically while walking down the street, and holding a folding knife with a three-inch (7.5 cm) blade. Initially, internal police reports described the incident similarly and ruled the shooting justified and Van Dyke was not charged in the shooting at that time.
When the police released a dash cam video of the shooting thirteen months later, on November 24, 2015, it showed McDonald had been walking away from the police when he was shot. That same day Officer Van Dyke was charged with first-degree murder and initially held without bail at the Cook County Jail.[He was released on bail on November 30.[The city reached a settlement with McDonald's family. On October 5, 2018, Van Dyke was found guilty at trial of second-degree murder, as well as 16 counts of aggravated battery with a firearm.

Today on January 17th, 2019. A judge has found three Chicago police officers not guilty of covering up details in the 2014 killing of Laquan McDonald. And just like that, another person of color where video dashcam clearly shows murder (reports he was shot 16 times), were exonerated. Make no mistake this is State Sponsored murder and the reason why individuals around the world have taken a knee in protest. Read more here:

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